MicWire at Stoke Sings! Online 2021

We had an absolutely brilliant Day at Stoke Sings! online on 13th March 2021. With 13 singing and voice workshops available by a variety of talented choir leaders from around Stoke and a keynote from Kathy Bullock from the USA, we were really spoiled for choice!

The Stoke Sings! Virtual Choir was formed in advance (see if you can spot some familiar faces in there!) and the premiere was played at the end of our singing celebrations too. With well over 100 attendees donating £3, plus a little extra if they could afford, the event covered costs so every presenter got paid fairly, with a tiny amount left over to go towards next years festival too. It is truly a local celebration that is gaining traction every year – and we’re really proud to be a part of it!

Here’s our lockdown song written by the talented Martin and Shan Jones. We hope you enjoy it: