MicWire at Home

We continue to run 5 week rehearsals where singers can join in for a short amount of time and learn, record and film 2 songs!

In our latest project, we have learned:

Reach Out (I’ll Be There) by The Four Tops

Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

We incorporated some choreography in our videos of Reach Out.

In Go Your Own Way, we offered singers a theme to get creative with which was: ROCK!

We’ve got styling from rock, to folk rock, to goth rock to metal and beyond… safe to say everyone hopped on board with the dress code for a little bit of daft creativity and a chance to dress up!

Here are our latest choral offerings – we hope you enjoy them 🙂

If you reckon you would like the opportunity to sing with these lovely welcoming lot, please do get in touch!

MicWire at Stoke Sings! Online 2021

We had an absolutely brilliant Day at Stoke Sings! online on 13th March 2021. With 13 singing and voice workshops available by a variety of talented choir leaders from around Stoke and a keynote from Kathy Bullock from the USA, we were really spoiled for choice!

The Stoke Sings! Virtual Choir was formed in advance (see if you can spot some familiar faces in there!) and the premiere was played at the end of our singing celebrations too. With well over 100 attendees donating £3, plus a little extra if they could afford, the event covered costs so every presenter got paid fairly, with a tiny amount left over to go towards next years festival too. It is truly a local celebration that is gaining traction every year – and we’re really proud to be a part of it!

Here’s our lockdown song written by the talented Martin and Shan Jones. We hope you enjoy it:

MicWirkshop | Brazilian Drumming

MicWire hosted another MicWirkshop in June inviting everybody to come and join us for a music making workshop – with a difference!

Whilst we are a choir, we are also music makers and when three members of our choir suggested a drumming workshop I jumped at the chance – what a fantastic way to work on rhythm and pulse together.

We welcomed a handful of new friends and guests to our ranks for our drumming evening – people who perhaps don’t feel confident to sing or who can’t commit to the regular attendance of a choir, but who still want to get out and enjoy inclusive musical activities in Crewe.

Mika from Art Brazil is a truly fabulous workshop leader and led us all in a fiery and energetic dazzling drum spectacular for a full hour and a half. During that time we were able to try out our skills on every drum, learn different beats, play together as a full sound, play individually in our parts and learned some basic Brazilian rhythms, beats and breaks. It was impossible to stand still or to keep from smiling. The room was pumped with energy and laughter and the whole room buzzed with excitement from start to finish.

“Samba reggae beats, in the street!”

A huge thanks to Mika for coming along to our rehearsal and looking after us, and we hope that all those who joined us for a one off evening will come back and join us for another MicWirkshop again in future. It was thrilling!

Adderley Village Hall Fundraiser

Adderley Village Hall Concert with MicWireIn June, we enjoyed another fantastic headline concert in Adderley, to raise money for their Village Hall. We performed a variety of our favourite songs and included some of our newer repertoire too – including singing Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time” in 6-part harmony: That’s a super impressive feat for a non-audition choir!


We worked really hard on our concert repertoire and Phil & Carol worked really hard to set up a fabulous stage and lighting rig for us. The room was flooded with purple and the audience were wowed with amazing performances not just from us – but from our super guests too.

Micwire & guests music and fun concert Adderley


There was plenty of joining in, clapping along and laughter. The bar was open and the atmosphere was amazing. After the show, Phil opened the stage to the audience and we enjoyed an evening in karaoke together! A really huge thank you to Phil and Carol for inviting us along to sing and organising a truly fabulous evening, to all our guests who performed, to all the choir for working so hard and putting so much energy into their performance and to our super audience for joining in, cheering and laughing at my bad jokes.


We’re very much looking forward to sing for all the friendly folk in Adderley again sometime soon. Thanks for having us!


Our First Birthday

We are absolutely over the moon at the anniversary this May of our first year together and I am totally overwhelmed with the support from the local community, the Crewe Town Council, the local radio and every single person who has come along to sing with the choir or watch the choir perform.

I was asked to set up the choir early in 2017: I never could have imagined how much we would be able to achieve in the first year of being established. I am absolutely blown away with the quality of the singing, the camaraderie of the choir members and the fantastic friendships that have been struck up as a result of our Wednesday night rehearsals.

Together, we have contributed to the raising of over £1000 for a variety of amazing charity causes and have provided the Crewe community not only with a town centre choir, but also we have provided the local community with lots of musical entertainment throughout the year as well.

We are delighted to be booked for a number of up coming events later this year across Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire. We can’t wait to perform for you somewhere soon 🙂


Our First Headline Concert II

A huge thanks to Gosia in our Alto section for inviting MicWire to be a part of her fundraising efforts for Wild Hearts Charity, via the Micro Tyco Campaign.


Leading up to the event, there were many unforeseen obstacles to overcome in order to bring the night into successful fruition. However, lucky for us and lucky for the charity, absolutely nothing can get in the way of Gosia’s awesome tenacity.

Suffice to say, the hurdles were probably a great way to boost the teams’ acquaintance with the fine art of entrepreneurial spirit and making money, which as I understand it, is part of the purpose of the Micro Tyco project.

Together, MicWire sang every single song that we know – most of the songs we have performed at events before, but some of the songs were a treat for everyone there – performed as a MicWire premiere!

Our audience were fantastic, super-duper generous and really supportive to the cause. Many of the choir performed solo pieces to wow the crowds and our lovely guests shared a multitude of vocal talent too.


There was a really long raffle and plenty of tea and cake for all of the audience in the interval, and the feedback from everyone who came to watch was really great.

In total, we made £362 on the night for Gosia, thus boosting the Barclays Apprentices’ total to a huge £841 which will be donated to Wild Hearts.

A huge congratulations to all the Barclays’ Apprentices, a great big round of applause to everyone who came along to perform on the night and a whopping great thank you to all of our audience for coming along to support us.

Together, we brought together a community, shared great music and raised money for a really good cause. Let’s do it again soon!

Our First Headline Concert I

MicWire March 2018

MicWire are thrilled to have been invited to sing on 24th March 2018 for such a great cause.

This will be our first concert where the choir are the headline act, so it is very exciting for all of us. This Micro Tyco Event, raising money for Wild Hearts, is coordinated by a group of local Barclays Apprentices. At the start of March, they are given £1. With this £1 they have to raise as much money as possible for the charity.

The idea raises awareness and helps to improve competence and ability in event management, small business growth, money management, network building and creativity, amongst other skills. It provides a great learning process where the groups can acquire new knowledge and skills, explore new subjects and share their current skill set with colleagues to make as much money as possible throughout the course of the month.

We hope you will support us and the Barclays Apprentices in their project, by coming along to our concert and clapping along to the songs we perform. We have a wide selection of music to perform for you including soul hits, motown classics, well known spirituals and upbeat, clap-along vibes.

We will be joined in performance by local singers, some of whom are taking to the stage for the first time. It will be an unmissable evening of music and good times!


Our First January

So we’ve been going for 9 months now. It’s not long, but we have achieved so much.

Last year we finished off with a bang by performing with the NSPCC singers raising money for charity. Our big Christmas event was at Broad Street supporting some super talented local artists including Jack Marshall, Carl North and The Oli Ng Trio. It was a fantastic sell out evening complete with dinner and it was a real honour to take part.

NSPCC MicWire 2017

Our first gig of 2018 took us to Richmond Village. We performed every song we have learned so far and sang for 45 minutes. The crowd loved it and it was such fun chatting to the residents afterwards with some tea and cake. As a result of that performance, we are delighted to have been asked back to perform again twice more this year! We’re already planning what to sing next…

January has brought with it a myriad of new singers to our ranks. The choir is going from strength to strength and we’re excited to be using sheet music instead of lyric sheets for the first time – this is especially for two of the new trickier songs we are learning.

A crash course in reading music is just part of being in such a friendly community choir.

Come along and join us, we would love to sing with you and we are a very friendly bunch 🙂

See you soon!

Our First Summer

MicWire formed just 4 months ago, but for a new choir, we’re certainly packing a punch!

In 4 short months we have performed at the Nantwich Show, The Big Day Out, Kath’s Strawberry Tea (where we were raising money for Breast Cancer Care) and Crewe’s recent Twin Town Celebrations with guests from Macon in France.


The new school term started this week and we were delighted to celebrate our biggest choir rehearsal yet, welcoming along 5 new members.

We are a mixed ability group of singers including both experienced singers, hobbyists, absolute beginners and everyone in between. Everyone is very welcome to come along to try us out. Rehearsals are usually £5 however, during September 2017 we’re offering the opportunity to come and sing for just £1 at your first rehearsal.

In other news, MicWire are really honoured to have been awarded a grant of £500 from “A Vision for Crewe”. The scheme is in conjunction with Crewe Town Council. Part of this vision is to encourage nearby residents to visit the town centre for activities including arts, health and well being.  MicWire are delighted to be able to offer a group that nods to all!


Singing in a choir is proven to have great health benefits and is a fantastic way to meet new people. We’re a sociable lot and whilst our rehearsals are fast paced and filled with energy, we regularly visit the local pub afterwards for a chilled opportunity to chat together.

If you’re thinking of joining a choir, if you love Soul and Motown music and want to get involved. Simply turn up to any rehearsal at Studio 1, Crewe Lifestyle Centre. We rehearse every Wednesday from 7:30-9pm and can’t wait to welcome you along.

MicWire – The First Performance

On Wednesday 26th July, after just 11 rehearsals, MicWire reached a great milestone when we took to the Redshift Radio Stage at the prestigious Nantwich Show to perform in public for the first time.


As it was a work day during the summer holidays, it meant that unfortunately, not all of the choir members were able to join us for our debut appearance – however, I want to share a big THANK YOU to every one of you who has put in so much hard work over the past few months to allow a brand-new-choir-in-Crewe idea to flourish. It was such a thrill to finally see all that work come together during our performance on Wednesday.

Whilst the choir continues to attract new members from Crewe, Nantwich and further afield, I want to extend another massive thanks to everyone who was able to come along to sing at the Nantwich Show, including those who carefully booked annual leave from work to be there.


It was a great first performance and although it was early in the day, we were thankful to be able to sing for a sizeable and friendly audience. We know lots of them hadn’t heard of us before so can assume that they were either friends and family of the choir or simply there seeking shelter from the wet weather. It was a real pleasure singing for so many of you and we hope you enjoyed it!

Although the day started out stormy and grey, it certainly didn’t put off the punters because the show was buzzing all day long. After lunchtime, we even witnessed some rare British summer sunshine.

MicWire in the Rain

There was plenty to do at the show after our performance for those who didn’t have to rush back to work. This included sampling a myriad of delicious food and drink, shopping in the craft tent, tasting lots of cheese and watching the animal awards.

Nantwich Show

A couple of the choir stuck around to watch the other talented musicians and singers who performed at the RedShift Community Garden. It’s fabulous to reaffirm that there is a wealth of local musical talent out there and I know I can speak for all of MicWire when I say that we were honoured to be asked to sing at the show alongside all those other great musicians on the programme.

If you love singing and are looking for a local choir to join, please come along to any of our rehearsals to meet us. We rehearse every Wednesday 7:30pm at the Crewe Lifestyle Centre.

If you don’t fancy joining us but want to support us instead, please make sure you put the dates in your diary for our future performances – we look forward to meeting you soon:

30th July – Nantwich Big Day Out

6th August – Private Charity Event to raise money for Breast Cancer Care

16th December – Music and Supper

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