MicWire Watch The Baker Street Belles

On Wednesday 29th July we arranged an outdoor socially distanced concert of some of our favourite MicWire songs performed by The Baker Street Belles. The turn out was fantastic with not only choir members, but also lots of the local village residents dropping by to watch (and dance) as well.

It was amazing to see everyone in person again after having online rehearsals for 18 weeks throughout lockdown! We are all excited to get back to choir rehearsals (and pub visits) together as soon as we are allowed, but this was the perfect intermission to our recently solitary lives.

This evening also marked Grace’s official last ‘maternity cover’ with the choir. We need to say such a huge and special thanks to Grace for keeping us motivated online during the strangest year we have all ever experienced. Her rehearsals have certainly been one of the weekly highlights for many of us and it’s been mentioned that singing alone at home has provided the ideal opportunity to really learn the notes – because there’s no-one else to rely on… Silver lining and all that!

The good news is that Kate is returning as our conductor in September AND Grace has agreed to continue working with us too which means double trouble, double bonkers and double vocal experience shared with the choir too.

We’re keeping a close eye on the government guidelines and we will be attempting to facilitate rehearsals as normal as soon as we are allowed although I anticipate that online rehearsals will be continued throughout September. We will be in touch via email as soon as we know more.

If you’re thinking of joining a local choir for singing, social and general frivolity, sign up to our newsletter here to discover updates as to what we have planned for next term.


2 thoughts on “MicWire Watch The Baker Street Belles

  1. I am sorry – but this is totally irresponsible. Whilst the rest of us choir leaders are following guidelines to protect our singers and our audience why do you think you are allowed to do this when the guidelines clearly say you should not? I feel very disappointed and angry that you are not supporting the rest of us who are taking this situation more seriously.


    1. Hi Chris, Thank you for checking in on us and we’re sorry that you feel disappointed and angry. I’m happy to tell you that we expressly adhered to all of the stringent government guidelines – and I personally went through the legislation with a tooth comb to ensure that we covered all the health and safety and relevant risk assessments for the event, because I do take the situation seriously. We even informed the local council and had permission from the landowners as well. I can assure you that all of our audience adhered to the latest guidelines without fault. The guidelines are clear that professional singers can perform outdoors. They are also clear that audience members must be socially distant. The performers all faced the same direction ensuring not to put themselves at risk and our socially-distanced audience were actually 7m away, when the guidelines state only 3m when singing. I assure you that we we in fact incredibly responsible and made sure that everybody in our audience was safe. For us, we felt that it was important for the mental health of our members to organise this event and for us, it was our way of showing the greatest support possible to our members. It was for this reason that we jumped through several hoops in order to pull this off absolutely legally. Had we any doubt about this, we would not have hosted the event, and furthermore we certainly wouldn’t have advertised its success on the internet! I hope this puts your mind at rest. Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about how you can host your own outdoor event for your own choir, please contact me directly via email and I’d be happy to talk you through the lengths we went to to pull it off.


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