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Welcome to MicWire: Sweet Soul Sounds. We’re so glad you’ve found us.

Immerse yourself in the joyful elation that grows from singing with others. Here at MicWire, we are building a non-audition choir of local singers and lasting friendships.

We do things a little bit differently over here, focussing on uplifting Sweet Soul Sounds – our singing and music choices encourage joyfulness and movement for both our performers and our audiences.

We incorporate an easy mixture of singing, harmony, beatbox and body percussion into most of the songs we learn and we encourage and support solo singing and ad lib for those of you who want the opportunity to take the limelight.

The choir is completely open to new members and absolutely everybody is welcome to be a part of our chorus.

Come along to one of our rehearsals in Crewe, Cheshire and see what all the buzz is about!

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Tree of Light 2021

A huge thanks to the Crewe Town Council and the team at Orbitas for inviting us along again for the annual memorial service.

The event seemed so much more poignant this year due to the event being cancelled in 2020 and of course because we have lost so many friends and relatives both before and during the pandemic. Many of us have been unable to mourn properly for these losses in the past 20 months.

MicWire performed Wintersong by Sara Bareillis and we were then joined by the children’s choir of St Thomas More to sing Silent Night, arranged by Mark De Lisser.

Both songs held such emotion in their lyrics and were so appropriate for the emotional occasion led by Rob Wykes.

As usual, it was a very special event and lovely to see so many local people coming along to remember their loved ones – it provided an incredible sense of community.

Thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of such an important occasion.

MicWire at Home

We continue to run 5 week rehearsals where singers can join in for a short amount of time and learn, record and film 2 songs!

In our latest project, we have learned:

Reach Out (I’ll Be There) by The Four Tops

Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

We incorporated some choreography in our videos of Reach Out.

In Go Your Own Way, we offered singers a theme to get creative with which was: ROCK!

We’ve got styling from rock, to folk rock, to goth rock to metal and beyond… safe to say everyone hopped on board with the dress code for a little bit of daft creativity and a chance to dress up!

Here are our latest choral offerings – we hope you enjoy them 🙂

If you reckon you would like the opportunity to sing with these lovely welcoming lot, please do get in touch!

MicWire at Stoke Sings! Online 2021

We had an absolutely brilliant Day at Stoke Sings! online on 13th March 2021. With 13 singing and voice workshops available by a variety of talented choir leaders from around Stoke and a keynote from Kathy Bullock from the USA, we were really spoiled for choice!

The Stoke Sings! Virtual Choir was formed in advance (see if you can spot some familiar faces in there!) and the premiere was played at the end of our singing celebrations too. With well over 100 attendees donating £3, plus a little extra if they could afford, the event covered costs so every presenter got paid fairly, with a tiny amount left over to go towards next years festival too. It is truly a local celebration that is gaining traction every year – and we’re really proud to be a part of it!

Here’s our lockdown song written by the talented Martin and Shan Jones. We hope you enjoy it:

MicWire in Isolation 2021

For the first part of this year, the UK was thrown into total lockdown again. As we had kind of anticipated this might happen before Christmas, we had already organised a 5 week isolation project to learn, record and video 2 new songs. These were Caravan of Love by The Housemartins and God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.

We completed this task and have so far shared the songs on our Facebook Page where we have so far raised £75 for Motherwell Charity Cheshire. Our songs will be sent to local care homes to cheer up the residents we usually visit a couple of times a year, and then shown again on International Women’s Day via the Motherwell Cheshire Facebook Page. This will be alongside many other talented speakers, performers and events to celebrate women in our local area, and all around the world. Do tune in – find out more here!


If you would like to be part of our next isolation project, it begins on 3rd March and you can sign up here.

Meanwhile, check out our video of Caravan of Love on YouTube here:

MicWire Watch The Baker Street Belles

On Wednesday 29th July we arranged an outdoor socially distanced concert of some of our favourite MicWire songs performed by The Baker Street Belles. The turn out was fantastic with not only choir members, but also lots of the local village residents dropping by to watch (and dance) as well.

It was amazing to see everyone in person again after having online rehearsals for 18 weeks throughout lockdown! We are all excited to get back to choir rehearsals (and pub visits) together as soon as we are allowed, but this was the perfect intermission to our recently solitary lives.

This evening also marked Grace’s official last ‘maternity cover’ with the choir. We need to say such a huge and special thanks to Grace for keeping us motivated online during the strangest year we have all ever experienced. Her rehearsals have certainly been one of the weekly highlights for many of us and it’s been mentioned that singing alone at home has provided the ideal opportunity to really learn the notes – because there’s no-one else to rely on… Silver lining and all that!

The good news is that Kate is returning as our conductor in September AND Grace has agreed to continue working with us too which means double trouble, double bonkers and double vocal experience shared with the choir too.

We’re keeping a close eye on the government guidelines and we will be attempting to facilitate rehearsals as normal as soon as we are allowed although I anticipate that online rehearsals will be continued throughout September. We will be in touch via email as soon as we know more.

If you’re thinking of joining a local choir for singing, social and general frivolity, sign up to our newsletter here to discover updates as to what we have planned for next term.


Tree of Light MicWire Crewe

Tree of Light 2019

MicWire Choir at Tree of Light Crewe 2019We felt really honoured to be invited back to sing at this heartfelt ceremony at Crewe Cemetery this year. Unfortunately, due to illness there were fewer singers in our contingent than normal, but we still hope that we provided the songs and music you need to help remember those who have passed as we approach Christmas this year.

Wishing you all happy memories of the loved ones who are sadly no longer with us, and a beautiful Christmas and New Year ahead.

Love from us all at MicWire.

Tree of Light Ceremony Crewe

Etsy Fair at Reaseheath

We had a lovely afternoon at the Etsy fair performing for passers by on Saturday afternoon. The stalls were brilliant – it’s clear that there are so many talented artists, crafters, designers and bakers in our locality and we were super happy to provide some entertainment for the happy shoppers during the afternoon.

We loved looking around the stalls both before and after our set to pick up some great Christmas Gifts and to support local business owners who came together for a really lovely event.

Thanks for having us Reaseheath!

Reaseheath Choir singing MicWire Craft Fair

MicWire Perform at Christmas Cabaret Crewe Hall

Christmas Cabaret

MicWire had a great evening performing at Crewe Hall for the Charity Christmas Cabaret organised by Kate Cubley on 29th November 2019.

It was a fantastic evening filled with music and good food in aid of the charity 52 Lives.

The total monies raised amounted to £1170.41 which was then doubled by Barclays staff to a huge £2340.82.

We’re so proud to be a part of such a great evening!

Grace Allwood takes the MicWire reigns

MicWire is comprised of a fantastic group of friendly local singers who perform in the local community regularly at a variety of events. The choir was formed by Kate Cubley Vocal Coach back in May 2017 and has been a consistent mid-week diary picker-upper for choir members ever since. Choir members regularly comment how much fun they have on a Wednesday evening at rehearsals.

“It’s exactly what I need in the middle of the week – it always makes me feel good, no matter what kind of week I’m having at work.”

This November, Kate has temporarily stepped away from her role as choir leader and we’re absolutely delighted to welcome the young, vibrant and talented Grace Allwood Music Teacher to look after us during Kate’s time off.

Grace Allwood Music Teacher Crewe

Grace has a wealth of experience working with choirs in both Liverpool and in Crewe and has a regular position working at Stagecoach. We couldn’t wish for a better person to work with us in Kate’s absence 🙂 Do come along and join us welcome Grace to our midst in the run up to Christmas and for new music early next year!

We can’t wait to find out what Grace has in store for us all!

MicWire at Crewe Cosmopolitan Food Festival 2019

MicWire at Crewe Cosmopolitan Food Festival

MicWire had an amazing afternoon singing at the Crewe Cosmopolitan Food Festival, not to mention that there was some delicious food on offer and other brilliant musicians performing throughout the day 👌

Thanks so much to everyone in the crowd for coming along to support us, it was brilliant to see some friendly and familiar faces!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and thanks to Lindsey and James for inviting us along to be a part of another lovely day out in Crewe ❤️

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